Scoliosis and Hyperkyphosis Specific Physiotherapy


The physiotherapeutic treatment is based on the treatment concept of Katharina Schroth. This takes into account the three-dimensionality of the disease and focuses on the patient's attitude and movement. Depending on the severity, type and course of scoliosis, an individual exercise plan is created. The scoliosis counteracting exercises and targeted breathing help to achieve a curve straightening and stop the progression of the disease.


If the spine deviates more than 20 ° from the norm, a purely physiotherapeutic treatment is not enough. In addition, there will be a corset therapy. In children before or during the growth spurt, the corset can be used as a growth-controlling measure for an almost complete curve straightening. But even after the growth spurt the corset stops the progression of the disease and is an important part of the therapy. For children and adolescents, the acceptance of a corset is initially difficult. To support them, a corset training can be done. Here, the child learns the handling with the corset. Problems and questions about the corset are answered and everyday problems are removed.


• Curve straightening

• Avoidance of the progression of spinal disease

• Avoid spinal surgery

• Correction of posture

• Improvement of breathing

• Promote the acceptance of the disease

• Pain relief

• Reinforcement

• Improved handling of the corset

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