Jan Hoffmann - Physiotherapist

Jan Hoffmann completed his state examination in September 2017 at the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in Trier. Here he gained experience in various outpatient and stationary care areas such as Orthopedics, Surgery, Neurology and more. Afterwards he started the training as a lymph- & edema therapist, which he finally completed successfully. Jan Hoffmann treats his patients very conscientiously and focuses on a holistic treatment. His treatment is always individually tailored to each patient. Through further education in the fields of "Flossing" and "Kinesiological Taping" he can further support his treatment success. In addition, Jan Hoffman is in the field of sports injuries, through years of volunteer work in the sports club, treatment technology very fit and offers the athletes an optimal introduction through rehabilitation.


  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Manual Therapy
  • Scoliosetherapy after Katharina-Schroth
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Medical Flossing
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